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Animal Care Experience

Sabrina (the dog), long term sitter experience 2013
I sat with Sabrina one week every month for a year. I developed a deep bond with her was able to help increase her patience with other dogs.

Courtney (the dog), short term sitter 2/2014
Courtney is an older dog with decreased patience and aggressiveness toward other dogs and people. I was unable to put on her booties but after a couple walks I was able to do a good wipe of the snow salt off her feet. Before she let me do that I had her walk on a wet towel. I try to honor the care instructions of the owners as much as is possible without over standing the sense of self of the dog. Courtney went on four walks a day and had medicine in her food.

Cala (the cat), short term sitter 2013
Cala is an older cat that needs to be fed a little bit four times a day. Even still she has trouble keeping food down. She is very affectionate and sat and was petted over the course of a movie.

Lola (the dog), one week sitting 2012
Lola is an easy dog she eats and walks three times a day gets along with people and other dogs. I got a very detailed list of instructions of care that helped shape the questions I ask of people to take best care of their animals.

Tarquin (the dog), 2 years live-in dog care
Tarquin was after 2 years of 3 to 4 walks a day and living together, family. He had a fantastic disposition: very patient, good with other dogs people and even safe with children. We went often on extended walks exploring and socializing with people and other dogs. Dogs dispositions require different types of care. Some dogs need short lease care for security. Other dogs like Tarquin are socially evolved, safe and fully able to enjoy the adventure of a walk. Then there are a million variations in between. I try to share the enjoyment of going for a walk with them. Whether it is indulgent sniffing, taking a chance to sniff another dog or walking enough so the poop comes with ease.